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Why Mental Health is Important

How are you feeling today? Are you okay?

You probably think everything is fine, but are you sure? Most people assume that everything is right and balanced within themselves as long as they aren’t displaying any outwards signs of distress; signs which are normally based on stereotypical images from TV. These signs stem from marginalized communities who have internalized their distress and trauma. Some experiences are so severe that they have self-imposed amnesia and do whatever they can to ignore it completely.

Everyone says they’re fine, but they’re not. Some know it and some don’t.

So, again, are YOU okay?

The common misconception of mental health is that it only exists in extremes. More severe conditions do exist and are completely normal, but your mental health is vital because it is the foundation of everything -- your traumas, hurts, sadness, anxiety, and doubts; how you interact with the world, other people, and how you see yourself are all matters of your mental health. Your mental health is what drives your actions in all facets of life and to live at your healthiest and happiest, and to exist as your highest self and blossom your full potential, you must make your mental health a top priority.

Exploring matters of the mind and self-reflection may appear complex, or even scary, but with highly skilled and compassionate counseling service providers, you will feel at ease. Blue Oak Counseling Services creates a space for comfort, exploration, and healing. It’s our passion to help guide you through this thing called “Life”.

Call or contact us to speak with one of our highly qualified staff members to get started on a path of success.

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