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What Is EMDR Intensive? Definition, Benefits, And How It Can Help You

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Learn about EMDR intensive therapy and discover a new way to approach and heal from trauma

EMDR intensive therapy is a new nontraditional way to accelerate the healing of trauma. It involves bilateral eye movements and subtle but efficient face-to-face talking assistance. With several sessions performed in a short period, EMDR intensive provides faster results, with less emotional pain for the patient.

In this article, you can find useful information about EMDR intensive therapy, its definition, its benefits, and how it can help you overcome trauma.

Online EMDR Intensive

EMDR, short for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an innovative and highly effective post-traumatic stress therapy that combines bilateral eye movements with traditional face-to-face therapy that allows patients to overcome trauma and deal with the pain more smoothly.

EMDR intensive provides a new way to deliver the treatment but in a short period, with more sessions. Typically done on a weekend where EMDR intensive therapy sessions are performed for patients multiple times a day to speed up the process of trauma healing. Research has shown that this intensive technique has helped patients with stress and trauma overcome their symptoms.

According to a research study published by the European Journal of Psychotraumatology about the effectiveness of this therapy, “the results suggest that an intensive trauma-focused treatment program combining prolonged exposure, EMDR therapy, and physical activity can be an effective and safe treatment for adolescents suffering from severe PTSD and multiple comorbid psychiatric disorders”.

EMDR Therapy Eye

Benefits Of EMDR Intensive Therapy

This post-traumatic stress therapy has impressive benefits worth mentioning, such as speed of treatment and recovery, efficiency, and lighter emotional pain. The list below contains some of the benefits EMDR intensive therapy can offer to patients.

⦁ Cost-effective. Because EMDR intensive therapy focuses on several sessions in a short period, this innovative form of treating trauma is more affordable than other types of therapy.

⦁ More free time. Continuing with the point just mentioned, EMDR therapy provides more free time for patients, excellent for parents or people who have a very busy routine but want to overcome their trauma.

⦁ Lighter pain. Post-traumatic stress therapy offers a different way to approach and heal trauma, which smoothes the pain of each wound. This represents a subtle but more efficient technique to overcome past traumatic events.

⦁ Faster results. Due to the therapy being specifically for healing trauma, patients can achieve results at a faster speed.

The Bottom Line

EMDR intensive therapy offers a new way of treating post-traumatic stress, chronic anxiety, and depression. With a technique-focused approach, this nontraditional form of therapy can help a lot of people overcome trauma.

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