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Why Marriage Counseling Can Help Save Your Relationship.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

The question you may be asking yourself --

does marriage counseling work? Many, if not all, couples with rocky marriages want to save their relationship. Previously, between 40 to 50 percent marriages failed and ended in divorce, but this rate is decreasing and more people every day are seeking marriage counseling.

If you think your marriage is on the rocks, therapy early on can save it from crumbling. But if you still need convincing, here are a few ways how marriage counseling can rejoice couples again.

  • Unbiased advice for both partners:

Most marriage counselors have dealt with a lot of issues and have vast experiences in couple’s therapy with time. After you and your partner explain your reservations and side, your counselor on the basis of experience will talk about ways that can help better communication between you and your partner.

They can even go a step further. Based on vast experience and unbiased reasoning, they can guide you through practical ways to work on the problematic area of marriage.

  • Safe environment and honesty:

Sometimes it is difficult to be honest about how you feel about your partner, especially if your marriage is not going smoothly. Brutal honesty can land you in trouble and cause anger and pain as well. However, honesty delivered in a safe environment can avoid all this. Marriage counseling provides safe confrontations and discussions.

Counselors offer a safe and private environment where there is no judgement and couples can be honest about their feelings in a calm way.

  • Opportunity to unburden resentment:

One of the most common reasons for marriage to fail is because of feelings of frustration, anger and resentment. These types of emotions are toxic to any relationship. With time, the negative feelings will fester, which will result in couples growing apart.

Marriage counseling provides a safe place where couples can talk about these feelings and free the bottled up emotions. This provides a better understanding of your partner’s thoughts and smoothens the path to successful marriage.

  • Formation of an attachment bond:

A famous system of marriage counseling that therapists apply nowadays is known as “emotionally focused couples therapy”. This is based on research based fact that, if given a safe place to talk about, couples bond over time and connect in different ways. This method employed by marriage counselor’s uses a systemic approach toward negative issues between couples.

Needless to say, if both partners are open to marriage counseling, any relationship can be saved, given enough time. One should know, there is no quick fix to failing marriage, but with proper guidance, things do get better with time.

Call or contact us to speak with one of our highly qualified staff members to get started on a path of success.

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