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How To Improve Productivity And Performance At Work

Business efficiency tips to improve productivity and performance at work and reducing chances of burnout in employees

In a fast era like the one we’re currently living in, the constant need for efficiency and productivity improvements is at its peak. With technology by our side, but sometimes playing as an enemy and king of distractions, many workplaces are finding more and more trouble with the general outcome of their tasks. In this article, you can find the top 3 business efficiency tips to improve productivity and performance at work, without compromising employees’ mental health.

Assess, Divide And Conquer

The first step to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace is to assess your current situation. Whether you’re an employee or the boss, analyzing your ongoing performance and how you feel about the outcome of your work is essential for finding weak spots to strengthen.

As for the dive and conquer part, no change can be done all at once, meaning that you should focus on major areas of improvement but break them down into simpler or daily tasks you can do to properly improve efficiencies in the workplace.

Clean Environment = Better Productivity

It is usually ignored how important having a clean environment and workspace is when it comes to improving productivity and performance at work. Dedicating some time organizing your desk and putting away gadgets or devices you won’t be using can tremendously affect the way you approach your day and the tasks you need to do.

A clean environment also includes providing employees with proper tools and furniture for a comfortable day at the office, or any place, which can either increase or decrease the general outcome of their work.

Weekly Feedback For A Better Workplace

Feedback is essential for viewing your progress and how you adapt to changes, therefore determining a day in your week to provide yourself with an auto-evaluation (or if you’re a boss, a brief team meeting where they can expose how they felt their work resulted from the previous week) is a great way to track your development according to new additions such as a cleaner workspace, tasks made in several smaller parts, being able to work while seeing out the window. This might seem insignificant, but they truly make a difference in employees that you should also be paying attention to.

You can have weekly feedback meetings, where supervisors can provide their opinion from another perspective as well, or monthly reunions too. It is recommended to have them at least twice a month for an optimal change of results if needed.

Productivity And Performance At Work

Improving efficiency at work is fundamental not only for excellent task outcomes but, more importantly, for employees’ health. A functioning workplace provides positive emotions and reduces stress levels, decreasing the chances of burnout which after the pandemic, demonstrated being a life-changing episode for many workers.

Analyzing your current situation at work is the first step toward finding ways of improvement. Having a clean and organized workspace has been shown to improve the quality of work in many case studies conducted over the years. Finally, having a space to provide employees with weekly or monthly feedback is also a great way to evaluate each person's process and how they combine with others, helping the workspace function even more efficiently.


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