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Five Ways To Manage Holiday Stress

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Holiday blues are a real thing. Well, maybe not real, as in scientifically proven, but something we have all experienced once or twice, nonetheless. They're kinda like seasonal depression that is triggered by the onset of the holiday season.

Maybe, it is the stress of the upcoming year, or the pressure to give out gifts that triggers this stress. Or, maybe, it is the overwhelming feeling that another year went down the drain without any accomplishments, that gets us all gloomy.

Well, as far as the latter goes, trust us when we say that you did an amazing job this year. And, you'll be doing an amazing job next year too. You're so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. However, we all need some support and help. So, to help you embrace this holiday season, let's take you through this brief guide on destressing the holiday season.

Strategies To Feel Less Overwhelmed During the Holiday Season

We recommend that you follow these five tips that will help you manage stress during the holidays:

Isn't it odd that we first stress about what to purchase before going on a gift and food shopping spree, and then we feel guilty about spending way more than necessary? So, you must budget yourself this holiday season. Set a spending cap and don't exceed it no matter how lucrative a deal sounds.

Rethink Your Outlook

Another important thing to look out for in this matter is the vicious web that is social media. Seeing our friends and colleagues spending an enormous amount of money on gifts, banquets, and decorations can make the best of us feel a bit insecure.

Trust us, social media is a deception where only the best moments of one's life are shared. So, you must not lose sight of the bigger picture. If such unnecessary spending doesn't fit into your grand scheme of things, then maybe it isn't worth considering.

Talking about considerations, you must seriously consider prioritizing yourself during the holidays. It isn't necessary to go out with friends and family. You can say no. You have every right to refuse. Just stay in, have a nice bath, or treat yourself to some Netflix and takeout. The choices are limitless.

Spread the Love

It is important to understand that we are fighting our own battles. Some are good at asking for help, while others prefer doing it on their own. Regardless, we all need help. So, we recommend spreading love. This need not be in the form of gifts. Rather, it can also be in the form of a sweet "I miss you" text to a friend or donating your old stuff to charity.

Reach Out

Like we just said, asking for help is okay. Trust us, you'll be surprised to know how much some of your loved ones would be able to relate to your problems and help you through them. If you still feel hopeless and stressed out, how about you seek professional help? You can give yourself the gift of therapy this holiday season and start working towards a happier you. One step at a time!

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