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Marriage: How to Fight Fair

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

How to stop unhealthy fighting in your relationship

The most important thing in any relationship is respect. Without respect, you cannot have a happy marriage or even a healthy friendship.

If you do not show your partner respect then there will be no trust and without trust, you cannot have love. When it comes to fighting, respect is crucial because without it; things can go very wrong very quickly with no room for compromise or understanding.

Fighting is one of the biggest challenges that couples face in their relationships but it does not have to be this way if both parties agree to fight fair!

Distinguish between problem-solving conversations and heated arguments

In a heated argument, both partners are attempting to prove their point and gain the upper hand in the conversation. The goal of this type of conversation is not to solve any problems but rather to win points by using logic and facts or emotion-based arguments.

In a problem-solving conversation, however, both parties work together toward a solution that benefits everyone involved—including yourself! This means identifying problems and finding solutions that will work for both parties (not just you).

Don't try to read your partner's mind. If you're unsure about why your partner's upset, ask them

When you're in the middle of a fight, it may seem impossible to stop and ask your partner what's going on. The intensity of the moment can sometimes make it feel like there is no other option than to continue arguing for as long as possible. However, taking the time to ask questions and get more information about why your partner is upset can help calm things down.

Asking questions such as:

"Why do you think I do this?"

"What do you think would happen if I didn't do that?"

"How does this make you feel?"