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7 Reminders to Keep Your Marriage Happy

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Marriage is not an exact science, but there are ways around a stressful married life. The initial honeymoon phase of any relationship does not last forever and eventually people realize that certain changes have to be made in order to live with another person. Many couples start to grow apart as years pass because they’re unsure how to strengthen and maintain emotional bonds. This not only affects life at home, but also work life. Given below are few tested tips on how to have a working relationship, happy married life and balanced emotional health.

Reassess your partner’s needs

As years pass, the partner’s expectations from each other change. What they needed in the first year of marriage is not necessarily what they need in the 7th year of marriage too. They still love you, however people grow and some things change. You should be more perceptive about them. For example, taking care of household work or children might become more important in later years of marriage rather than going out every other day.

Make your marriage top priority

The rule that marriage is number one and anything else comes second is pretty true. If your partner and your marriage makes top of your priority list, it will create less problems and you can have more time for your work or other activities too.

Keep it fun with your partner

People usually see marriage as an accomplishment then unfortunately, let's it plateau after that. This is actually not true. Marriage is like a continuously unfolding adventure that keeps both partners excited and interested. So keep things interesting between yourself and your partner and have fun!

Never keep a score

Marriage is not a game so there is no point keeping scores. Doing something for your partner only if he or she did something for you will not work. Similarly fighting with your partner because they fought with you only creates barriers among couples.

Do not give or take the silent treatment

Most of the time, people believe that what is done is done and there is no point in talking it out. This is quite wrong. Yes, there is no point in arguing about it, but bottled up feelings that are not talked about lead to growing resentments among couples. This later causes marital problems and even divorces.

Always remember why you got married

With time couples tend to grow apart and forget the love they once had. It’s the little things that matter so try remembering those small yet significant things that made you fall in love with each other all those years ago.

Keep compliments coming

Compliments are the anchor to any marriage. Many couples report that compliments later in married life actually mean more than early days of marriage. Any partner would appreciate words of affirmation so make sure you find the time to praise them. If they are working hard or did something meaningful for you, never forget to mention it and what it means to you.

If you want to build a married life that is deep and meaningful, these 7 tips will help you develop a beautiful healthy relationship. Call or contact us to speak with one of our highly qualified staff members to get started on a path towards happiness.

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AJ Lee
AJ Lee
16. März 2021

This was a very needed reminder. ❤️

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