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Ways to Reduce the Feeling of Depression

Depression is a serious condition, but more than a condition; depression is a thief. It steals joy, love, happiness, energy, motivation, self-esteem, passion, and, in the worst cases, it steals life. Battling depression is difficult, and many days it seems impossible, and that the best option is to give up. This is what depression tells you. Again, a thief of the truth. But there are ways to win this constant war and steal from depression all the power it tried to steal from you.

Move Yourself

Exercising is a wonderful way to combat the lethargy depression brings with it. Though this is one of the most difficult steps as depression is commonly marked by the lack of energy, lack of will, and physical feeling of being enveloped in heavy iron chains, reaching deep down for the tiniest bit of energy will change the entire day. Energy begets energy, and if you can summon any modicum of movement, then you will create more movement, which will change your mood.


Simply put, stay connected to people. Reach out to family or friends when you are feeling depressed. And don’t call only to emote, but change the tone and ask them about something good that happened; something that excites them and makes them happy. Passion and joy are contagious and sometimes you just need to hear a familiar voice to laugh or cry with, or both.

Get reconnected to things you love, and love to do. Remember how depression is a thief? It steals things that make you feel whole - feel human. So, take the time to reconnect to those hobbies or activities you did that gave you life. Those hobbies and activities will bring life back to you.

As indelicate as it sounds; depression sucks. But it doesn’t have to continue to suck the joy and life out of you. It’s possible to defeat depression; it just takes work and a little help. The experts at Blue Oak Counseling Services are here to help you reclaim everything that depression tried to steal.

Call or contact us today and speak with one of our compassionate care providers to discover the available treatment options.

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