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Tina Avila
Tina Avila, LMFT, BCBA
Founder/Clinical Director

Licensed marriage and family therapist

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Are you struggling with work/life balance? You're a working professional who have everything but still feel empty and lack fulfillment in life.


Are you feeling mentally exhausted and tired all the time? Do you find yourself always giving and attending to other people's needs which leaves you feeling drained at the end of the day or week. You have no time for yourself and so you think. If this sounds like you, I understand because I've been there.

I can help you find solutions, discover new ways to achieve more balance in your life, integrate your needs/wants in order to be more align with your core values and future goals.

I am a solution focused brief therapist who focuses on increasing hope, positive outcomes, desired change, empowering clients to be the best version of themselves despite experiencing problems or issues. I do not give advice or homework in the session. 


I'll stand by you using my role as a therapist to equip you with skills, confidence, and strengths to bring out the best version that's already within you.

Services: Adults and Couples

Age: 25 - 40 years old

Specializations: depression, work stress, anxiety,  relationship issues, self-esteem, professionals, entrepreneurs, parenting issues, family issues, perfectionism, self-improvement, and marriage issues.

Therapy Investment

  • $200 per individual session

  •  $250 per couples session



  • clinical psychology; California State University, Los Angeles.

  • M.A. in clinical psychology MFT; Pepperdine University

  • Graduate certification in applied behavior analysis



License and Certification

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #51769

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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