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The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, Undergoes EMDR Therapy

In a new mental health documentary series, ‘’The Me You Can’t See’’ with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry talked about using EMDR therapy.


He claims it helped him alleviate his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the death of his mother.


He worked with Sanja Oakley, a UK-based psychotherapist, to deal with feelings of being hunted and helpless when returning home.


According to Prince Harry, the EMDR therapy session brings him to a place of calmness and strength.


Today, many people are going through the aftermath of traumatic experiences, but they fail to get help.


Do you have frequent nightmares, amnesia (trouble sleeping), prolonged fear and sadness?


Are you easily irritable or find it difficult to control your anger?


Do you avoid people or places linked to a painful memory?


Are you always clouded with negative thoughts or fearful and sad?

These symptoms may be the resultant effect of trauma or unresolved issues when left untreated, could lead to:

● Relationship problems

● Job loss

● Other psychiatric disorders

● Self-destructive acts or suicide attempts

● Permanent brain damage


This may put you in danger and others around you, including family members. You may have tried traditional therapy that lasts for months or even years without much progress. But, there is a better way.


We all deserve a chance to live healthy, productive lives free from the struggle of our past experiences.

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EMDR Intensive: The Quicker Approach to Healing

The EMDR Intensive Therapy is one of the fastest and most effective ways to overcome your struggles and lessen/eliminate symptoms.


EMDR Intensive involves delivering EMDR therapy over a short period, typically a weekend, where multiple sessions are conducted each day.


The prolonged EMDR sessions maximise the effectiveness of memory retrieval. Since EMDR therapy has a powerful healing effect, intensives can produce faster results than weekly sessions.


In addition, the EMDR intensives speed up the healing process by helping clients process more information and heal faster.


About EMDR


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Why You Need EMDR Intensive Therapy?

Get Healing in Days, Not Months:


Rather than waiting months or years, find real change in days. You can become less distressed about traumatic events and adverse life experiences through an intensive. Take a deep dive into the issues that are holding you back rather than frequently revisiting the minutia of the previous week, like in traditional therapy.

Save Cost in the Long Run:


EMDR intensive is much more efficient as it requires fewer sessions and lower costs overall. The sessions are highly concentrated therefore requires less time hence less cost.

More Time with Loved Ones:


Replace the time you would have spent seeing a therapist each week with quality time with your family, career advancement, or other personal goals. You no longer worry about scheduling weekly appointments.

Less Treatment Time:


From research, clients who complete intensive therapy can make as much progress in a condensed format as weekly sessions. This can eliminate weeks or months of living with trauma symptoms and the toll it takes on work, relationships, marriages, parenting, and general well-being.

Currently, we are accepting clients for EMDR Intensives Only.

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Stop Surviving: Start Thriving Today

More rapid symptoms relief in a shorter amount of time compare to traditional therapy which can take years.

Who is EMDR Intensive Therapy For?


Every person goes through a traumatic experience at one point in their life or the other.


The American Association of Psychology defines trauma as an emotional reaction to a terrible event such as combat, accident, death, rape, loss of a loved one, loss of a job or even a significant breakup. From a psychological standpoint, our bodies go into flight, fight, faint, and freeze mode when we undergo trauma.


Our brain memories the perceived trauma in those five senses to prevent us from experiencing the perceived danger again.

EMDR intensive works excellent for those who find it difficult to talk about their distress due to painful memories. In addition, it is a great alternative for busy individuals who don't have time for regular therapy.

To prepare for EMDR intensive, you could take some time off, like a personal retreat and schedule fun, valuable activities like a Spa visit, Yoga, Hiking etc., around your sessions.


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Currently, we are accepting clients for EMDR Intensives Only.

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